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Gingerbread (World Premiere)

Almeida Greek Festival | Almeida Theatre - August 2015

Writer: Eleanor Tindall

Director: Emily Louizou

Stage Managed: Ilona Kotz


Performed: Francesca Baker, Patrick Cavendish, Tom Grace, Helen Pickard, Evelyn Lockley, Sophie Lucraft-Mee, Eleanor Robinson, Rebecca Tubridy 

Gingerbread is a story about sisterhood, the imporatnce of female relationships and what happens when women are silenced. A contemporary take on the Philomela myth.



Labyrinth Project for Almeida Greek Festival


Labyrinth is the culmination of a unique series of workshops developing young artists, supported by Almeida creatives and producers as part of the Almeida's continued commitment to promoting young talent in London. Over 100 young people have received workshops from artists including Directors Rupert Goold, Sacha Wares, Ellen McDougall and Alex Brown. Writers Tim Crouch, Rachel Delahey, Natalie Mitchell and Roz Wyllie. Stage Managers Graham Michael, Jon Armstrong and Jess Banks. They have also received continued mentoring from the Almeida Projects team over the past three months.From these workshops a selection of five new short plays have been created inspired by the Greek cannon and look at themes such as family, friendship, love, death and social media. All five plays have been written, performed, directed, stage managed and produced by talented Young Friends of the Almeida and performed at the Almeida Theatre.


Read more on the Almeida Website

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