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Written by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Performed by BA Acting students at Arts Ed
Performed in November 2023 at the Andrew Lloyd Webber Theatre (Arts Ed, Chiswick, London)

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“And it was suddenly like l didn't recognize anything - or anyone -anymore including myself. Not my new self, or my old self - I did not recognize the person l 'd been for the last however many years...”

In the offices of a notorious Manhattan magazine, ruthless editorial assistants vie for their bosses’ jobs and a book deal before they’re thirty. But bestselling memoir fodder is thin on the ground, and climbing the career ladder is hard when you’re trapped between Starbucks runs, jaded gossip and endless encircling cubicle walls…

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s Gloria is a razor-sharp comic drama about ambition, office warfare and hierarchies, where the only thing that matters is selling out to the highest bidder.

Directed by Emily Louizou

Set & Costume Designed by Adrian Gee

Sound design & composition by Kate Marlais

Lighting Design by David Doyle

Movement by Sarah Lamb

Fight Direction by Kiefer Bryson

Photography by Robin Savage

Teaser footage by Charlie Knight

Performed as a double-bill with

Breathing Corpses. 

More information:

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