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Other Projects:

The Almeida Theatre presents


18-20 July 2014 at Latitude Festival

A new piece of theatre devised by the Young Friends of the Almeida. 

What truths lie underneath the surface of the status quo? What secrets do we keep from ourselves? And how do our fears keep us from connecting with each other? “The most daring and exciting theatre in London” (Evening Standard) presents the world premiere of Last Words You’ll Hear, devised and performed by The Young Friends of the Almeida, which takes inspiration from Strindberg, Jung, Prometheus and PostSecret, and challenges the assumption that self-defining has replaced self-reflection.


UCLU Drama Society

in association with Acland Burghley School present


Can I Tell You A Story?


A devised piece about the importance that stories have in our lives. Why do we read books? Why do we need stories?


We are inviting the audience in a story-telling journey full of moments of change, moments of .


So… can we tell you a story? Well, maybe a few more than just one!


Directed by Emily Louizou

Performed by students of Acland Burghley School




Do you remember your first kiss? Your first day at school?

The first time you were bullied? The first time someone let you down?


A physical and experimental devised piece about all the ‘first’ times in our lives; which change the way we see everything. A showcase based on the idea of story-telling and ensemble performance.

Life is full of these first times. Even when you don’t realize it. Happy, sad, disappointing, or successful, they always mark us. Can a disappointing first experience ruin it forever? How many times have we wondered how important a first time is, and how many other times have we not even realized that a first time really matters. Or other times we do not even remember when the first time was. 


Human Trafficking - commercial sexual exploitation - is a 32 billion dollar business. An industry which causes the suffering of millions of people throughout the world.


Who is to blame for this? Certainly, not only the people in the industry, but all of us who do not react, do not talk, do not learn. 

Les us not be one of those people.


Dear Diary was presneted in schools and theatres in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece as part of the No Project's campaign in raising awareness of modern day slavery.

Written and directed by Emily Louizou



Co-Founder and Artistic Director of Collide Theatre (2015-Present):


Read Emily's theatre reviews for PlaysToSee (2015-Present):


Emily has been Communications Manager for Reload Greece (2015-2016):’s-journey-with-reload-greece


Emily has been Creative Director for The No Project - an initiative with which she has been exploring ways that art can be used to raise awareness of human trafficking (2011-2015):




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