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The End of The World (World Premiere)

London Student Drama Festival | Theatro Technis - June 2014


"None of that matters now, because whatever we had is gone and all that's left is a planet full of dead people.”



Monday the fourth of November 2014. Maya Lewis returns home from work to her sensible suburban house and her sensible suburban marriage with her sensible suburban husband. Just like every other day.


Just like every other day, she asks herself the same questions. Was this what she wanted? Was this what she dreamed of? Is this really what she struggled through all those years of education for?


Just like every other day, she tries to remember what it was like to have her whole life ahead of her. Just like every other day, she wonders where she went wrong.


But today is not just like every other day. Because today might be the last day she ever sees.


Today, she is fleeing for her life. Today, she is surrounded and helpless. Today, a nightmare awaits her in her own home.


Today is the End of the World.



A play about a world coming to an end, a relationship falling to pieces, and a bitter realisation that we never fight enough for the change we want in our life.


London Student Drama Festival aims at showcasing pieces of innovative student theatre and new writing on a platform that they are rarely exposed to. LSDF is an esteemed festival which affords industry professionals the opportunity to recognise theatrical talent outside of drama schools.



Director :Emily Louizou
Writer: Thomas Oléron Evans
Sound design: Jamie Robinson 

Performed: Sarah King & Jack Tivey


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