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Bloomsbury Theatre - March 2014

UCL's annual dance show with the participation of more than 20 choreographers and 100 dancers. 


Director: Emily Louizou

Producer: Matita Afoakwa




What is it like living in a world devoid of dance; where people lack passion, energy and motivation? What if one day you discover a secret passage which leads you to an unknown dancing wonderland; a world full of passionate people, dancing beings, and vibrant life. 


We hope to bring you on a journey to the Unknown, a mysterious land, where exciting, extraordinary and enchanted beings live. 


This voyage transcends the four elements of earth, water, fire and air, through landscapes and dimensions beyond any expected reality. 


It is a journey through life; turning a monotonous world into a one where people live, dream and dance. When life’s rhythm leads you to a door, then take the risk and open it! 


Don’t be afraid of the Unknown...

"UCLU Dance Society took their audience on a journey down the rabbit hole for an evening. ‘Unknown’ propelled the viewer into the Never Never Land of dance; a place where busting moves is all that matters in whatever shape or form"

Under City Lights

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